Director and therapist Devi (Edith Kasander)

Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran, CEO, Play Project

 Devi or  Edith Kasander of Dutch origin spent all her working life working with children. 

Director and CEO of The Play Project Mahavidya Edith Kasander is almost always addressed as Devi due to her 6 years of stay in Tamil Nadu India working with rural village children..

1993-2005 Intensive Care and Coronairy Care Staff Nurse/ Children Intensive Care LUMC in Holland.

2004-2010 Charity work with children in rural Tamil Nadu.

2012- Basic in Aqua Therapy with Fezia Tyabally, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

2012-Radiant Child Yoga 1,2&3.

2013- Basic Watsu & Liquid flow, India.

2013-2015 BCST diploma course.

2014 Radiant Child Yoga adaptive.

2014- Building Block workshop retained reflexes.

2015- Basic Watsu review with Anat Juran.

2015 Specific Water  Therapy with Johan Lambeck, Glenneagles hospital KL.

2015-2016 Emmett practitioner module 1-6.

2016 Watsu 1 with Anat Juran.

2017 drum circle facilitator workshop with Arthur Hull.

2017 Austswim course.

2018 Halliwick.

2019 ATU course with Fezia Tyebally in Singapore

2019 advanced Halliwick with Jean Pierre Maes

2020 Halliwick revise with Fezia Tyebally

2022 Leadership and coaching  course The Spark Group Malaysia 

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