The Play Project Mahavidya Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day
at The Play Project Mahavidya in Seremban

From  November 25th 2018 onwards  The Play Project Mahavidya made it a mission to organise an annual sports day for all their students. This all-inclusive event is created and organised by the teachers and therapists of TPPM. The team makes it a mission to create activities that can be adapted in such a way that all students, -at times with a bit of help- are able to participate. 

Inclusiveness is the key word here. 

Parents and siblings are welcomed to assist the children where needed. 

All kids will receive a gold medal since they are all winners.

 It is always a warm and welcoming important event. 

There are  3 teams competing with names of gemstones, orange, citrine, blue peridot and green zircon.

There is a challenge trophy that will go to the winning team of the year.  This challenge trophy has an honourable place in the centre. 

The Play Project Mahavidya management would like to thank the dedicated teachers and therapists who are always so creative and motivated to make this day a great experience for all! It is always more than just a Sports Day… It is a day to celebrate ability and inclusiveness!!!

Sports Day 2022, finally we were allowed to have this great outdoor event again!!!