Pre- Vocational Training Group

Cow parade

Painting Trudy, a swiss cow lovingly donated to us by a swiss couple who actually brought it from Switserland. Now it is standing in the garden welcoming you!

The Pre-Vocational Training Group runs every afternoon from 1pm- 5pm

It is open for children age 7 till 14.

Children with special needs generally grow into adults who still have special needs. Even though this may seem obvious, inattention to pre-vocational skills can seriously affect the special needs adult’s ability to enter the workforce and live a product, self-sustainable life.

Self-sustainability and independence are keywords. When started at a young age, with certain tools and structures in place and consistently applied, children, can learn to be (more) independent. The pre-vocational group also prepares kids for vocational training in the future.

The pre-vocational training group addresses advanced self-help skills, pre-vocational chores and pre-vocational training.

Kids will work in small groups on certain projects. The aim is that kids learn to initiate, perform and finish a certain task as much as possible independently.

Teachers and therapists set out the projects and work with certain tools to create an understanding of the structure and sequence to initiate, perform and finish a task as much as possible independently.

During the projects kids:

  • expand on their vocabulary by working with different tools
  • learn social skills
  • cognitive skills, problem-solving, sequencing, organisation
  • fine motor skills
  • self-regulation
  • follow instructions and stay on task
  • independency and responsibility