Inclusive Play Group

The Inclusive Play Group runs in the morning 9am- 12:30 pm Monday to Friday

Afternoon sessions start at 2 pm-5:30 pm.

The Inclusive Play Group is open to all children aged 2,5 to 5 years old.

The Inclusive Play Group offers unstructured and structured theme-based play activities.





Children in the Play Group will work on:

  • Early learning skills (pre- numeracy, phonics, pre-literacy, messy play, Arts&Crafts)
  • Social interaction (Imaginative play, social stories, taking turns)
  • Independence (ADL skills, taking care of belongings)
  • Emotional regulation (learning how to respond to demands in a socially appropriate way)

The Play Group in TPPM offers a safe and child-friendly environment for the youngest to come and explore. The Playgroup will be for most the first encounter to be with peers without family around. The Playgroup will guide the little ones gently into their first hesitant steps into independence with fun activities and loving teachers.

The Inclusive Playgroup is for kids who develop typically and kids who seem to develop a bit differently. This inclusiveness creates opportunities to learn and explore

Why is inclusion important in play?

Inclusive play stresses the importance of including all children, disabled children as well as non-disabled children, by fostering an environment where diversity is respected and valued. At its best, inclusion enables all children – of all abilities, ethnic backgrounds ages and other differences – to play together.

In order to be inclusive, TPPM Playgroup environment:
  1. provides a wide range of learning experiences.
  2. allows the children to choose their own experiences.
  3. is adaptable, so all children can fully participate.
  4. encourages relationship building.
  5. is safe.