Therapy For Children with Special Needs , Seremban

The Play Project Mahavidya Therapy Center for Autism located in the heart of Seremban Lake Garden area is designed to provide Children a welcoming learning environment where each child can grow and build their skills across a multitude of development areas. Our center offers 1:1, 1:2, and group learning opportunities so we are able to tailor our programs to each child’s unique needs while providing the frequency, oversight, and quality care your child deserve and expect.

Our team provides compassionate, individualized, expert therapy:
Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy,  Aqua or HydrotherapyChild Physiologist, Feeding therapy , Sensory Integration Intensive suit Therapy.

 Intensive Suit Therapy

We are the only Therapy Center in Seremban who offer Intensive Suit Therapy that helps to provide a child proper posture, muscle tone and patterns of movement impaired by disability

Suit Therapy  helps to correct alignment for a child diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and other neuro-motor disabilities but will also benefit children with  Autism. 

The Intensive Suit program is Minimum 4 weeks 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The program will be tailormade according the the child’s needs and abilities. It will be an engaging yet hard working program for your child. Within the program there is space for aqua therapy, Occupational therapy/ SI  music, arts&crafts.  


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Civitas Who is Civitas:
A group of passionate parents with children with special needs, therapists and people who want to give back to society, who came together to plan for the future of our children.