Aqua Therapy

The Difference Between Swimming Classes and Aqua Therapy Sessions in The Play Project Mahavidya.


Many parents come to us and they want swimming classes for their child. Reason being, the child loves to play with water. We see many, many kids with special needs and kids either love water or are afraid of it.

At TPPM we use the pool as a mode to connect with the child on different levels depending on their abilities and needs.

Kids with physical disabilities we use the water as an extension of land based physio therapy interventions.

That’s the great thing about working with a multidisciplinary team! We can see the child holistically and work with the different disciplines towards the same goals.

We can work on gait training, motor planning, stretches and strengthening etc.

For kids with autism we also work on regulation, stamina, sensory integration motor planning etc.

The skill from the therapist comes from knowing how to use the properties of the water to either challenge or support a child.

In TPPM we use in many sessions the Halliwick concept.

What we love about the Halliwick concept is that it can be applied to all ages and abilities and that gives amazing results for our kids and even some parents who joined us lately for aqua therapy session.

The Halliwick Concept works with a 10 steps program which can be applied to all ages and abilities and aims to create independent swimmers for all ages and abilities.

Or As The International Halliwick Association (IHA) defines the Halliwick Concept:  “an approach to teaching all people, in particular, focussing on those with physical and/or learning difficulties, to participate in water activities, to move independently in water, and to swim”.

TPPM doesn’t provide swimming classes… and our focus is not on swim strokes and competition.

Aqua therapy sessions in TPPM aim  to make independent confident swimmers who can keep themselves safe, and can move freely and independent in the water.


Ohw .. and one more thing; we do not use goggles and butterfly or other floating devices… when you come in and meet our therapists, we will explain to you why.