Aqua Therapy

Early Intervention Program


Water offers a unique therapeutic environment. We are working 3 dimensionally with an invisible plinth. The body is fully supported yet we have access to every part.

This environment is created because of the unique hydrodynamic and thermal properties of water. The aims of Aquatherapy should always reflect the aims of land-based interventions.

However, aqua therapy may be beneficial when other approaches have failed. The Play Project Mahavidya has a big therapy pool with various depths. Aquatherapy is mostly done on a one-to-one basis. To secure safety and enhance progress.

Everyone regardless of their physical ability/ level can be both assisted and challenged by being in the water.

The Unique properties of the water allow children to work on developmental skills such as crawling, walking, rolling, and jumping.

Buoyancy can assist, support or resist, depending on the therapy goal. The child who likes his bath and has had positive experiences in the pool will be highly motivated to learn in the aquatic environment.

Motor planning, self-regulation, speech, oral motor control, strength and coordination are just a few areas that are likely to improve as a result of therapy in the water and it allows a child to develop a life-saving skill.

Our therapists are trained in the Halliwick concept, watsu and have attended modules from Aquatic Therapy University (ATU) in Singapore.

Furthermore, therapist practice their skills regularly among the team members.